Sunday, November 6, 2011

Split personality. But I love you damn it.

Aaaah London.
How you like to fondle my emotions.
In between awkward indecision and triumphant brilliance when it comes to weather, you can both excite and crumble me. With a mere light murdering cloud you can convince me I am the loneliest being on Earth and keep me inside for days. Then you present me with a hint of sun and a rainbow of Autumn leaves and I am back to believing I am the luckiest being on Earth to be here with you.
Never have I lived in such a impetuous, passionate and vehement city....I am constantly reminded of just how alive I am.
Thank you London, for the tears, the joy, and the wake up calls you have provided to remind me every day of how amazing being human is.We have 4 months left together, and I intend to rise, as I have again and again, to your challenges.

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