Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New RAW Artist!!

Aaaaah! Big news! I have been lucky enough to be chosen for the very first RAW artists event at the Roxy Theatre in Sydney in November! I was contacted last week and had never heard anything about the organization, so I was skeptical. As soon as a did a little research however, I was sold! The company started in the US, and it represents not just Visual Artists, but creatives of all kinds.
(from the website):
"We're an international community made up of creative individuals across the globe.
Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.
We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.
We encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.
RAW currently operates in nearly 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and, now London!"

The event I am involved with is a full night party featuring artists of all sorts, music, dj's, fashion and heaps more. Tix are $15 and you will be supporting me and my work which will be showcased both at the event and online. Check out the website and get on it! ♥♥♥
Ps. I d like to take this opportunity to say a big fat THANKYOU to all my readers, I appreciate your support and kind words and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about my artist journey!

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