Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little something I used to know...

I dug this up last night from one of my journals, I think it was written in 2004. I must admit, I shed a bit of a tear because somewhere in between here and then, I did lose a little of that determination. I think my 2 years overseas definitely helped me find myself again though...Im so lucky to have done everything I have so far. Im really happy right now.

"My name is Melisah and I know who I am.
I am the one looking, searching, finding, losing, grieving, renewing, wondering.
I/You are the one that matters in the world, I know what's going on, I am special.
You/I am still looking, searching...

I have an incomprehensible passion inside me
Manifesting as creative drive
My mind is to much for this superficial existence
I cant keep up with myself and often get burnt out.
Never for long, because my sole purpose is to create
Create, inspire, love, hurt, learn, grieve, rejoice, live, die, evolve, shine, encourage, renew.

I want to make things more interesting
I want my fellow beings to embrace the ugly, the beautiful, the plain and the bland as one big fabulous chunk of being alive, one big fat piece of chocolate cake.

I want to let go of blockages that hinder my purpose, and I want others to let go of theirs
I am a bursting ball of light that can never be extinguished
Purpose is not so important
Nirvana is what we all want to see
This life or the next.

This life is my turn
My time
Be prepared for my reign."

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