Friday, March 16, 2012


Bonjour from the city of <3!! I have only been in Paris a couple of days and it is total bliss. So inspiring and charming. I could totally see myself living here! Berlin was fantastic for me creatively, and my 'Shooting Lines' project has come a long way. I managed to get 3 paste ups done in Friedrichshain, which I am very excited about. It was my first time ever pasting up so they are by no means perfect but they are in Berlin - not a bad place to start! I plan on doing a couple here in Paris too, I just need to find the places to do it. The temporality of the paste up is something I would really like to explore, and I particularly like the idea of the piece decaying over time. Thank you Tom who helped me with the pasting, and again to my wonderful models who don't mind their faces and bodies exposed to the good folks of Berlin!

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