Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi all apologies for the hiatus, Christmas and NYE got the better of me this year! Its very exciting times at the moment, I am moving to Berlin in February and will hopefully be producing a whole new body of work over the next few months - very excited! There is also finally talk of an exhibition in London happening, but that's all I can divulge for now - watch this space!
It seems the creative spirit really has kicked in in my household for 2012, my flatmate Conner has started an internship with good friend Sara (who is unbelievable btw, check her out!) working for a fashion designer based at Somerset House in London, my other flatmate Marc has a new career in model booking on the horizon, and my partner in crime, Tom, is making some amazing and exciting music with band mate James. As excited as I am about moving to Berlin, I'm disappointed I wont be here to share this journey with my best friends! I suspect there may be a few sneaky trips back to London...

James also lived with me previously (there must be something in the water!), and has just seen the opening of his new exhibition at The Museum of London. Check it out here, he is such a skilled and insightful photographer. If you are in London, its free and well worth checking out.

Things seem to be happening really fast lately, so hopefully I will posting some exciting stuff regularly- unlike the pic below, which is how I spent last Friday, in change rooms trying on clothes I cant afford to buy!! Look out for my posts from Berlin, lots of pics! m.m.x


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