Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Open for business!

FINALLY, I managed to get my shit together and set up an Etsy shop, sooooo you can now purchase prints and I will send them along in a cute little little package to your humble abode! You do need to sign up for an Etsy account to buy but it is super fast and easy AND its free! I really LOVE Etsy, if you haven't heard of it, its definitely worth a look, its basically an online worldwide marketplace for handmade, creative things. My best friend Jess even bought some gorgeous bits and pieces for her wedding on the site, including bespoke post cards, props for her photo booth and lollies for the lolly table! So have a look at my shop first (of course!) and bookmark it please as I will be adding new prints all the time! If there is one that you would like specifically that you have seen on my flickr account or facebook page, email me and let me know so I can get it on the shop asap.
Get shopping!! x

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